Don’t miss this 4 for 3 SensatioNail offer!

I’m learning that a very important step towards recovery is making time for self-care. Sometimes it’s difficult to make the time, other times I feel kinda guilty for wanting to treat myself or, the least helpful feeling, sometimes I think that I don’t deserve to treat myself or have nice things happen. Sometimes when I’m feeling at my worst, I couldn’t even tell you what I would like to do or what would make me feel better because, apart from a cuddle, I have no idea what would actually make me feel better!


So I’m trying baby steps to regular me time, starting with regular home manicures. I’m not a fan of wasting money on fancy pants treatments that can just as easily be done at home, so for Christmas 2014 I asked for a SensatioNail starter kit and I was very lucky to get one. Since then I’ve added just a few more colours to my collection and would like to add some more to it soon.

I am NVQ level 2 trained in beauty therapy,  albeit donkey’s years ago, so I was fairly confident I’d be able to get the hang of this, no problem. But actually, it’s so easy to do this yourself at home, honestly, if you can paint your nails with ordinary nail varnish, all that’s extra is a couple more steps, a jazzy lil LED lamp, a tad more time and you will be able to give yourself a professional looking gel manicure at home for a fraction of salon prices. That little bit of extra effort gives you nails that will easily last over two weeks without chipping, dulling or smudging (as long as you follow the instructions).  What I like best about doing my own manicures at home is, for me, it’s kind of performing a ritual…and I don’t have to go out and deal with the anxieties that come with going into a busy salon. But I like to prep and set out just as I would have done for a client and have everything in order. I find having that bit of order relaxes me. It’s hard to explain but I enjoy following a routine. I do like to change colours every week to ten days or so, but there has been a time when I kept a colour on longer than three weeks and not one chip in sight, only the tell tale growth of my nails and a bare nail bed gave me away!!

Last night I did a French Polish, which is probably my favourite to do and I think it looks pretty all year round. I would love to add to my collection and maybe get some fresh springtime colours. There are certainly plenty to choose from and this easter weekend you can get 4 SensatioNail polish colours for the price of 3 (offer ends Tuesday 18th April at 5pm) – you also get free delivery with this offer.
I know there are many converts out there already as I’ve read many reviews. Being on a limited budget I do have to pick my times, like these, when there are offers on. The problem is so many pretty colours and not knowing what ones to choose!!

What are your favourite colours to paint your nails for spring time? Also has anyone experimented with their own nail art? How did you get on? I’d love to hear from you.

Much love

LucyLu xx


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