Hold ups (they don’t love you like I love you…)

There’s just something about wearing hold ups that makes me feel confident and sexy. I was starting to think that I had more chance of riding a unicorn than finding a good set of hold ups that actually held up, until The Big Tights Company was recommended to me. 

 Normally I just get hold ups from supermarkets or department stores and although I buy large/x-large, they clearly aren’t designed to actually be worn by fatties like me for anything more than a quick stint in the bedroom. They just don’t stay put, they don’t sit far enough up my chunky thighs and they start rolling down as soon as I move and therefore I would never dare to wear them them leaving the house. 
The trouble is wearing conventional tights, especially in spring/summer can make for a flipping hot pum pum and not the good kind of hot! So finding hold ups I could trust to stay up all day, that I could wear to work and not have a melting pot fanny by the end of the day became my mission!

(Top: the hold ups I ordered in their packaging. Middle: Prague microfibre hold ups. Bottom: All Woman hold ups ~ I got these in tan ~ pics from Big Tights website used with permission) 

So, off the back of a trusted recommendation from my gorgeous guru, Becky, ( @beckybarnesblog )  I bit the bullet and ordered two pairs, one tan and one black pair. I was sceptical and to be honest, I thought they were fairly pricey, but in this case you really do get what you pay for! Customer service was faultless, really helpful and very friendly. When they arrived, I tried them both on straight away and was amazed by how far they went up my legs. There is plenty of room in them for much bigger thighs and also much longer legs. They felt comfortable and thanks to the double row of silicon around the top of each, there was no sensation of impending roll down, they felt secure and I was fairly confident they would stay up! 

(Before & after work on first day of wearing Prague microfibre hold ups ~ stayed put all day)

The following day I felt brave enough to wear them into work (I took normal tights in my bag as back up). I walk a good mile from the station to work and arrived at work with them firmly in place. I was so impressed,  they stayed up all day without even needing readjustment. A couple of times I went to the loo just to check and they hadn’t budged at all and the pum pum was at a much more acceptable temperature too!!

(Wearing tan All Woman lace hold ups)

Both sets of hold ups are are so comfy, high quality and hand wash well. I can put them on easily without worrying that my toes will come through the bottom or that fingernails will ladder and ruin them. I wouldn’t risk hanging them out on the washing line though, I did and the wind has blown them around a peg which caused a tiny snag in one but it’s not noticeable.

 Honestly I can’t rave enough about how good these hold ups are and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, they are amazing. So I’m now off to find a unicorn to ride on!

Love & peace 

LucyLu Xx 


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